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Monday, March 6, 2017

Pros And Cons

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I was able to go to dinner with the family to celebrate two family events. (Visit this blog post on FARE Blog for information on how restaurants are trained to handle allergies.)

We went to a quaint, Portuguese restaurant in my town (See 12 Facts About Long Island, New York).  It's been there for probably 35 years and the food is amazing.  We were celebrating my brother-in-law (from Portugal) becoming an American citizen (he's been here legally over 30 years) and my sister doing well through the medical issues that arose again last November!

Tinkyada organic, gluten free, brown rice spaghetti with organic red sauce and organic beef  brought from home
I had to bring my own food.  They didn't give me a hard time. See article on restaurants.

I was excited about going; I even curled my hair with my new curling iron that I got for Christmas.

So... what are the pros and cons of dealing with allergies when going out to eat?  My allergies are so severe, I can't eat anything I have not cooked myself.

Allergies:  gluten, nuts, soy, corn, eggs, chemicals, sulfates,  penicillin (I also have problems with antibiotics).  I eat all organic so that there's no chemicals (pesticides), antibiotics or hormones in the food and it's not modified.  

TIP:  Double check where your organics are coming from.  Are they being imported from China?  If so, don't buy.  Per several of my doctors, it's not a good idea.  I also don't buy anything made from China (food or toys) for my pets.  

  • It won't cost me anything!  I'm bringing my own food and I bring my own bottled water (my sister and her hubby picked up the entire tab, which was a nice surprise to everyone)
  • I won't have to make the agonizing decision of choosing something off the menu.
  • I know I will like what I'm eating, after all, I made it.
  • I can be with everyone and join in the fun (as long as nothing goes wrong).
  • I won't have to lug leftovers home (they give you portions enough for three meals).
  • I won't be upset that I forgot my leftover food on the table and either have to run back or go without (there goes tomorrow's lunch and dinner).
  • I won't be eating as much as everyone else (no picking on bread upon arrival, no appetizer, soup, dessert) so I won't be complaining I ate too much,
  • I won't be saying, "Why did I order that calorie-ridden food!"  

  • I can't order off the menu.  I love ethnic foods and I used to love Portuguese food when I could eat it years ago. 
  • I have to watch everyone eating various meals that look really good.
  • I have to watch everyone taking tastes of everyone else's meals and/or sharing one another's meals and I can't taste anything. 
  • Although I brought my food hot, it will be room temperature by the time we eat.  
  • I won't take the chance of asking anyone to heat up food, I won't let my food leave my side. I don't want any chance of contamination. 
  • While everyone is eating bread, appetizers, soup, I'm not eating anything. I'm saving my food to eat with the main course.  
  • When everyone is eating dessert back at my sister's house, I'm sipping on bottled water. 
  • I can't enjoy a glass of wine and I sip water when they make the toast!  
  • I watch people order wine and liquor and I sip water. 

In the end, I was able to stay.  The kitchen was far away and closed off.  None of the food was brought out steaming hot. No one sprayed any chemicals. The restaurant was in my hometown and the hospitals I know and trust where nearby.  It worked... this time.  

I was actually part of the family for a night!  I was so happy.  You can have a good night!  It can work in your favor once in a while. (See also How I Dealt With The Easter Holiday)

This time, it wasn't me missing!!  Whooohoooo!  It was hubby and my daughter's boyfriend, who were both sick.  I felt bad for them, but was thrilled for me!

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