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Saturday, March 4, 2017

In The ER Again - This One Is A Doozy!

You just can't make this stuff up!

I could wallpaper my bedroom with discharge instructions!  I have another to add to my collection.

So today was definitely a doozy of a visit.  The day started with a scheduled appointment with my allergist/immunologist. It was originally supposed to be this past Wednesday, but the doctor's office changed it to today, for personal reasons.  So... I was off my allergy meds more than the required three days for skin testing. I was completely miserable for five days

Normally, hubby and I go everywhere together. Because the doctor changed my appointment last minute, we couldn't be together.  Hubby had his own appointment that had been scheduled a long time ago.  So... I borrowed mom's car and he borrowed dad's van and we went our separate ways.

I arrived at 9:00 a.m. for a 9:15 appointment and the doctor took me at exactly 9:15.  I thought, wow, this is going to go great, I'm being taken on time.  On my way home, I'll make a stop at Shoprite for a few items. All is good in the world.  Not so much.

I've had skin tests before and blood work and various other testing, however, this new doctor wanted to do all his own testing.  He sent me for very detailed blood work and today he did the skin testing.  I was definitely positive and... I developed a severe reaction. The doctor told me to take my allergy pills (I had brought all my medication with me) and I also popped a Benadryl. As the doctor and I were talking, things were getting worse, even after the oral meds.

The doctor said, "you should be in the ER."  And so... I wound up in the ER.  The ER is right near the doctor's office, thankfully.

By the time I got into the ER, things had gotten worse even though it had been only three to five minutes since the doctor's decision to send me.  I had zero wait, I was immediately taken back and before I could blink, there were five people around me,  I've never had an IV put in so fast.  Two nurses were working on me at once and the doctor was asking questions. Someone was listening to my lungs proclaiming there was wheezing. The last person was taking notes.

I was immediately given Benadryl via the IV, then steroids via IV, then a shot of epinephrine and finally a breathing treatment.

Of course they did the usual; EKG, chest X-ray and blood work.

I was all drugged up and definitely cuckoo for cocoa  puffs.  Remember, I took oral medication at the doctor's office, which the ER doctors were informed of, then they gave me IV medication. This is where it gets good. I kept falling asleep and of course, being woken up by medical personnel for various reasons.  You get no rest in a hospital!  As one nurse once told me, you aren't here to rest.

When the medical staff wasn't waking me, I'd sometimes wake up on my own but boy was I out of it. I woke up and glanced at my TV.  I could see across from me as the TV was at the foot of my bed.

I saw the man across from me, in a hospital gown, with bare legs, wearing black socks doing exercises. He was out of his bed and doing what looked like warm-up jazzercise moves.  If you watch the video above, at time .57 that is EXACTLY what he was doing!  

Me, years ago, heading out to a dance class.
Now... I danced for years and I took many years of jazzercise.  I know dance/jazzercise moves when I see them.

I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.  I swore I had dreamed or imagined it.  WTH, is this a dance studio, a gym or the Emergency Room.

Patient across from me in the ER today standing on two feet doing deep knee bends.

Patient across from me in the ER today standing on one foot, with the other on the bed, doing bends.  
Later on, I was less dopey and I saw this again.  I soooooooooo wish I was in my right mind and had filmed this.  WTH was this guy doing.  He's in an ER and he's out of bed doing warm-up exercises. It was real. I wasn't dreaming, I didn't imagine it, it was freaken real!   When I was even less loopy, I saw it  yet again, only this time, he was standing on one foot and putting the other one on the bed and doing a bend.  Then he'd stand on two feet and do a bend,.

I swear on my life, this is what I witnessed.  Now.... I've been in many different hospitals, more times than I can count, and I've seen some weird crap.  I once saw them drag a girl into the ER who had overdosed on heroin.  I have never seen a patient out of bed doing calisthenics in the damn ER.  Dawn... this one's for you!!!  I think you jinx me,  I know it!

They told me they keep people four hours for observation and as long as there's no further issues, they release them. Maybe if I got up and started dancing, they'd let me go sooner!

I was able to go home, but not allowed to drive.  I had to leave the car there.

UPDATE NEXT DAY:  No, I'm not going to sue my allergist,  He's trying to help me. He actually gave me his cell number. There was no neglect, no intent to injure, no maliciousness.

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