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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Family Birthday Celebrations

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We celebrated three birthdays last night.  Whenever it's someone's birthday, they get to choose the meal and dessert.  One nephew requested chicken cutlets, another requested banana pudding.  My brother-in-law wasn't concerned.  The family built the menu around these requests.

There were various appetizers; two types of grapes, a veggie platter, nuts, crackers and chips and dips.

Dinner was Fettuccine Alfredo (see Why I Want To Tie My Family To Chairs), chicken cutlets, and salad.

Dessert was various store-bought pastries (apple turnovers), mom's homemade banana pudding and little Hershey's candies (see Memories - Vintage Foods From Years Gone By) that bring me such fond memories.

Click video to watch our three Happy Birthdays!

I could not eat any of it.  In order for me to attend, they had to make special arrangements.  It's not as easy as cooking and serving.

Due to my severe gluten allergy, they could not cook the chicken cutlets in the same house we would be eating in.  The breadcrumb is an issue.  Frying lingers for hours.  If I breath that in, I have an allergy attack.  Gasping for air is upsetting for me and everyone else.

The first time I realized it wasn't only a matter of not eating gluten, but also not breathing it in, was when my mother made chicken cutlets.  I joined the family a few hours after she had fried.  It wasn't pretty.

My husband's birthday is New Year's Eve.  His friend stopped by to see him.  We went into my mom's side of the house to say hello.  Within two minutes, I couldn't breathe.  I asked, "is something in your oven?"  She was making Stromboli (from pizza dough) to bring to a New Year's Eve party.  I had to leave.  

After these early learning experiences, I now call ahead if we are having a gathering.  We plan days before.  In order for me to attend last night, one sister cooked the chicken cutlets at her house and brought it to the other sister's house. 

If I want to pop in to say hello, I call and ask first (did they just clean with chemicals, especially bleach.  Did they just bake a cake).  The cutlets and Stromboli were tough learning experiences.   

I brought my own food (chicken and a sweet potato) to the birthday celebrations.  I busied myself  taking pictures and videos while everyone ate.

My sister's possessed cat.
I count my blessings.  I was able to be there.  My throat was hurting, but I think that's irritation from my sister having a cat.  Luckily, the cat hides so it's not near me. 

A foodie who can't eat the delicious foods served.  Sounds like a curse.  It could be worse.  At least I am eating again (see Back To Basics), though limited.  

Food is only part of the celebrations.  The best part, I'm with family and there's nothing better than family! 

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