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Friday, January 13, 2017

That Doesn't LOOK Gluten Free

The old saying "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover" holds true.  You simply can't tell by looking. I posted a picture once and someone commented "that doesn't look gluten free."  Really?  How could you tell?

Does the above lasagna  "look" gluten free?  You can't see gluten.  

The picture I had posted was not gluten free, however, I wasn't going to eat it.  It was for family and their guests.  The person was being condescending yet didn't realize they were being the fool.  

And so it goes with allergy sufferers/the disabled.  They often have to deal with people being fools. 

Seeing a picture of ravioli no more means I'm going to eat it than seeing a picture of a brain means they have one!  

When it comes to allergies and/or disabilities, many people don't take it seriously. Sadly, the public is still very ignorant when it comes to those who suffer.  

How many out there have heard ridiculous comments or been intentionally harassed?  For a list of some of the more entertaining and sometimes sad comments, see below:  

  • "How do you deal with that, if it were me, I'd just eat it anyway!"  Me, staring blankly, thinking, well, it's been real nice knowing you, do you prefer cremation or burial.  
  • "Oh, there's only a little bit, you will be fine."  Me thinking, I can't have ANY bit, a little bit can kill me, but thank you for your kind offer. 
  • "It's all in your head."  No, it's real, I know all too well.
  • "I just wouldn't say anything, they probably will never know."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  
  • "You had it before."  Yes, that was then, this is now, things change. 
  • "Just take a Benadryl"  Ummm,,, it doesn't work that way.
Me in the hallway of the ER for about 6 hours because they were so crowded they had nowhere else to put me.  Doesn't it look like so much FUN!  
  • "Do you really need to go to the hospital?"  Nah, it's just a fun day out. I'm bored and figured, let's take a trip to the Emergency Room.  I get to wear a fashionable gown, they stick needles into me (IV's are fun), they shoot drugs into the IV that make me loopy.  If I'm lucky, they will shoot me up with steroids too, THAT'S when the real fun begins. Never mind the blood tests, usually two or three during the 8 to 10 hour stay,  I also love posing for chest Xrays, peeing into a cup and EKGs are a blast. If I'm lucky, I'll be admitted! Whoo hoo.
  • "You look fine."  You can't tell by LOOKING.  Cancer patients often LOOK fine. 
  • "Do you really need that disability sticker?"  Nah, my doctor just hands out the paperwork like candy and the town approves it for giggles.  It's actually very difficult to get, so if I have one, I really need it. 
You can't tell by looking if a person is or is not handicapped.
  • Person in a parking lot, "why don't you save those handicapped spots for someone who really needs them?"  Me, "why don't you mind your business and if you are concerned about people with disabilities, educate yourself on disabilities, then volunteer and help people rather than attempt to harass with your ignorance."
  • I don't fear harassment.  I understand people are uneducated. I am not ashamed of having to use the handicapped parking space.  No one should be.  Never care what anyone else thinks.   
  • "You use the ER as a doctor's office."  I find ambulance rides very scary.  I get terrible anxiety riding in an ambulance.  I use one  ONLY when necessary. When I'm driven in a car, I sometimes have to wait a long time, in pain, in a crowded, uncomfortable waiting room. Most ER visits, if they don't admit me from the ER, are 8 to 10 hours.  An ER copay was $150.00 as opposed to $30.00 for a doctor visit.  I can think of many ways I'd rather spend $150.00 and 8 to 10 hours.  I have never used the ER as a doctor's office. 
Allergies are serious.  A little bit can be deadly.  People with allergies are not paranoid, annoying and it's not in their head.  People with disabilities suffer silently. You would never know by looking.

For more information on allergies visit this site.  It's serious and it affects millions.  

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