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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Organic, Gluten Free Crockpot Lasagna in about Three Hours

It was suggested by some Facebook friends that I start a blog for those also gluten free and/or suffering from allergies/asthma/immunology/Hashimotos/lymphedema issues.  So, here goes.

This is how I make organic, gluten free, crock pot lasagna.  I'm not a professional.  I filmed in my kitchen. There's dogs barking, (Lucy is my neurotic Chiweenie) and you may be able to hear a TV But... to me, it's authentic, the way you would be cooking in your own house.

This is the first post of my official blog.  If it helps others, I'll be happy.  I learned a lot from watching YouTube, blogs, experimenting, ideas from dietitians, family and friends.  Illness and allergies are not a death sentence.  

Think positively and learn a new way.  You may be an old cook, but you can learn new tricks!  I did.

I have a thick New York  accent, because. I'm born and raised in New York!  Excuse my being out of breath in parts of my videos, asthma does that.

My goal is to help others and learn myself.   Let’s make this a fun and educational place!  If you are here with good intentions, if you want to learn, share, teach, ask questions, contribute and hey, I'll even take a compliment or two, then please stay!  

Welcome, make yourself at home.  Everything here is made and said with love!

Take a look at my video and pictures below for my organic, gluten free crock pot lasagna.  

Below are the products and process I used for this meal.  

I'm looking forward to a mutually fun experience.  I hope you enjoy reading and watching my videos as much as I enjoy producing the content!  For more detailed information on my blog and my history visit the link below:

Welcome - Make Yourself At Home - Some History On Me

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