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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Back To Basics - Organic Baby Food? The Holistic Approach

The other day I made a delicious organic, gluten free chicken soup.

I had plenty of left over chicken; that's way too much to put into one crock pot of soup.  I make several other meals with the chicken.  The meal above was simply a baked red potato, chopped chicken and baby food pears.

Baby food pears!!!???? 

How old is the author of this blog?  Well, I'm 623.999 months or... 52 years.  So why are you eating baby food is the question.  I'll give you the answer.

I saw at least four allergists and/or allergists/immunologists in the past.  They helped me a little bit, in fact one finally diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Disease.  I also saw about five endocrinologists and am seeing a new one the middle of this month..

The link above is for general information.  Please, consult a doctor for a diagnosis.  Please do not convince yourself you have the disease without proper testing.

My food issues were getting worse.  It finally got to the point that whatever I put into my mouth was causing issues - swelling of my face, lips, throat, tongue, eyes.  Sometimes rashes.  A stuffy nose.  It was getting crazy.  No one can live on water alone.

I interviewed several holistic doctors and then, I found one when I least expected it. He came to me. He walked up and introduced himself and mentioned he was a Chiropractor.  The next time I met him, he mentioned he was also a holistic doctor.

I had used a holistic doctor years ago who had been recommended to me by a coworker at the time but he moved away to teach.  Finding another one was challenging.

The holistic doctor decided the best approach would be to get back to basics.  He advised me to eat all organic.  He then started me on baby food.  I ate only baby food for one week.  I started with simple foods, the way you would start a baby on solids.  One ingredient only.  I kept a chart of everything I ate and whether or not I had a reaction.  I started with Earth's Best brand.

I asked my mom, "did you ever think you would see me eating baby food again?"  My husband wanted to do the airplane with the spoon!  My sister wanted to buy me bibs!   Everyone had fun with it.  In the end, it was working.  I was eating. (See Congratulations! You Just Gave Birth To....)

Eventually the doctor started me on adult food - all organic and gluten free, nut free, soy  free, corn free and egg free.  I would eat one thing at a time for several days.nothing else. It was cooked bland, grilled or boiled with no seasoning.  Then he would add in a vegetable,.  I mostly steamed the vegetables.  I still can't eat everything, I still have issues with some foods, but at least I'm eating.

I'm convinced the Hashimoto's played a big part in my developing food issues.  I've spoken to groups of people in person and online and many who have Hashimoto's suffer with food issues too.

In the end, what I'm doing is working for me.  I lost 41 pounds simply going organic and I know others who lost weight doing nothing other than switching to all organic.

Why do I still eat baby food you ask?  It's simple.  I love the fruits.  I found Nature's Promise brand and it sells for 75 cents as opposed to the other brands which sell for over one dollar.  The taste is excellent and I save money.

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