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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Update and Brown Rice

Update:  I'm writing a blog post in the hopes this may help others.  I've finally found an allergist/immunologist who hasn't told me, "There's nothing more I can do for you."  She's actually trying various things to help me, things I don't think the others even contemplated or possibly even knew about.  (See Oops, I Did It Again....) to follow my saga.

I've been taking the Cromolyn Sodium for about three months now, I'm not sure, I lose track of time and have a lot of difficulty remembering current events.  It is supposed to help suppress the histamines intolerance.

I dilute two vials, four times a day, into water and drink it.  I must wait a half hour before eating.  I am able to eat only a few more items than I was prior, but it's better than nothing.

I eat all organic and also, due to my allergies (gluten, nuts, soy, eggs and corn), I avoid those ingredients as well.  (See Where Do I Shop For Organic, Gluten Free, And More...)  UPDATE:  I can no longer eat beef, but the recipe in the above link is very good.  (See Why Am I Not Posting Recipes? Because IT Has Started Again!)

I eat brown rice cereal daily. I decided to try Nature's Promise Organic brown rice.  I drank my vials of Cromolyn, waited the half hour and tried a little bit.  I got instant swelling in my nose, throat, tongue, and neck.  What?  How is this possible.  I tried it two more times.  Same issue. My anxiety went through the roof!

I saw my allergist and gave her this information.  I complained, "This doesn't make sense, I eat things made of brown rice!"   She explained that the foods I'm eating are made of PROCESSED brown rice, meaning they are not using ALL of the rice product.  Hmmmmm.   She said, it does make sense.

I honestly thought I was losing my mind one day.  I drink the above bottled water. Is it better for me?  Who knows.  The holistic doctor I was seeing suggested it, saying it doesn't have all the chemicals in it tap water does.  I can tell you, I'm drinking it without an issue (See Why Was I Gaining Weight? Why Couldn't I Lose Weight? Part Two)

My sister had a party and bought small bottled waters from one of the big clubs.  I drank one and started to swell.  I thought I must be crazy.  Who is allergic to WATER?  I was close to having a panic attack when my husband read the label.  It had vitamins in it.  I wasn't crazy.  I even have to worry about WATER!  (See The Neuropsychologist and the Nutritionist)

My anxiety is a bit less during the summer months in some ways, but some things during summer make it worse, so everything has it's pros and cons (See Snowstorm Anxiety When You Have Allergies, Asthma, Hashimotos, Cellulitis Issues)

So, if you are having issues, ask your doctor about the medication I'm taking.  Maybe Cromolyn can help you.

I'm also taking many other medications - Synthroid, NasalCrom, Famotidine, Levocetrizine, Asmanex, Lorazepam, Vitamine D3 (See My Visit With the Extraordinary New Doctor March 31, 2017) and Neocate Junior with Prebiotics.  (See Happy Thanksgiving - Allergies and All!)

If this helps one person to realize there may be help out there or to understand anxiety associated with medical conditions is very real, then it was worth typing this blog post.

I have deleted some links to my posts as I have joined a writing group and although it will take years, I'm attempting to write a book of short stories.  I was advised not to post any of my stories but instead to wait until I put them all in the book.  

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Per Allergist I Should Have Used EPIpen and Called Ambulance!


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call an ambulance if you use an EPIpen


I had a scheduled appointment with the Allergist/Immunologist today.  We discussed what happened last Saturday night.  (See Ladies Night - At The ER??????)  When she reviewed everything, she told me, next time immediately use the EPIpen, take two Benadryls and DO NOT WAIT, call an ambulance immediately.  

I didn't think it was bad enough to warrant an ambulance and my dad thought it would take longer to wait for an ambulance.  We were both wrong. 

First off, here on Long Island, police show up first, before an ambulance and usually get there very, very fast, as they are out cruising and someone is generally in the close vicinity.  They are also trained to help.  They carry equipment, such as oxygen, and other types of medications with them and they are trained in CPR and other life-saving procedures.  

allergy/asthma attack
The firehouse is less than a mile from my sister's house, and they are on scene fast with an ambulance crew, not to mention, some of the volunteers live in the area and respond directly to the house with their own vehicle and medical supplies in hand.  

When you are in an ambulance they have life-saving medications/equipment/procedures they can administer while en route.  They also have the capability to get through traffic, drive faster and be sure to have medical personnel waiting for your arrival, ready to go the minute you are brought in.  

Per the Allergist/Immunologist, it was definitely the sternos that caused the allergy/asthma attack. The gluten could have played a part, but the chemicals in the sternos did the damage and it hits in SECONDS, not minutes, SECONDS.  

Popping a Benadryl or even two does not mean you don't need to go to the hospital with a reaction like that she said, and waiting is not an option.  (See 5 Signs You Need To Go To The ER For An Allergic Reaction)  I didn't think that it was bad enough to use the EPIpen or call an ambulance, I thought my dad driving me to the ER would be sufficient.  It wasn't.  

new medication I must use daily
She gave me a new medication I must use daily and a prescription for more EPI pens and for more lab work.  I also have a prescription to hold on me and when I have another attack, I'm to give it to the ER doctors and have a specific test run in the ER while the attack is happening.

Some of the ladies at the event Saturday night got nervous, scared and said they did not know what to do.  See the above video on how to help someone with an EPI pen!

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